In recent times, IEBR has led and taken part in national, ministerial and Academy (VAST) programmes.
Staff Of IEBR at the FAN SI PAN mountain top
It has carried out surveys and inventories of biological resources in different regions of Vietnam. The surveys assessed the current distribution, density and status of species with high scientific and economic values such as Panax, Pseudopanax, Pines, Hardwoods, Gibbons, Snub Nosed Monkey, Rhino, Wild oxes, Pheasants, Peacocks, fresh water Crocodiles etc.

Staff IEBR & Staff NP Babe


The results provide a basis for recommendations on the rational utilization, restoration and protection of these precious resources. The results can then be used in feasibility studies of Nature Reserves and National Parks          


The results of fundamental research in the Institute have been, and will continue to be, published in the book series: Fauna and Flora of Vietnam, Plant Resources of Vietnam, Animal Resources of Vietnam, and in the following books: Conspectus of the Flora of Vietnam, the Fauna of Vietnam, the Red Data Book of Vietnam and the Handbook of Economic Plants of Vietnam and others.

IEBR works in co-operation with national and international institutions such as: Institute of Problems of Ecology and Evolution (Moscow); Institutes of Botany and Zoology (St. Petersburg), Russian Academy of Science; Institutes of Botany and Zoology (Kunming), China; Museum of Natural History (Hungary); Institute of Zoology (Poland); Institute of Entomology and the Institute of Landscape Ecology, Czech Academy; Museum of Natural History, Paris (France); Missouri Botanical Gardens, New York Botanical Gardens, American Museum of Natural History, New York (USA) ; Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany); Adelaide Zoo (Australia), etc, and other international organisations such as IUCN, UNDP, Birdlife International, Frontier, UNESCO, WWF, ICF, PROSEA, CIAT, WPA, etc.


Besides active research, the Institute conducts training courses leading to qualifications in Masters, Doctorates and other post-graduate level research.