The Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR) was founded by the decision of the Council of Ministers (HĐBT 65/CT) on 5th March 1990. Its function consists of studying biological resources and typical ecosystems in order to supply the needs of the population in foodstuffs, food_grains, consumer goods, to recommend planning activities for socio-economic development and environmental protection and to carry out the education and training of scientists on ecology and biological resources.

Major Scientific Objectives:

  • To study the flora and fauna of Vietnam.

  • To inventory and evaluate biological resources in order to provide a basis for rational utilization of the species having scientific, economic,  and  conservation values.

  • To undertake research on the structure and function of typical ecosystems in Vietnam for the monitoring and management of natural resources and their environment.

  • To work on environmental restoration, and the designing and planning of sustainable development from an environmental perspective.

  • To train scientists in the field of ecology and biological resources.

The Institute has 95 research staffs.

  • Professors: 4

  • Associate Professors: 6

  • Doctors: 51

  • Masters: 37

  • Bachelors: 6

  • Technicians and laboratory assistants: 1

The Institute is divided into 16 Departments and 01 Biodiversity Field Station.