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Excerpt from the contest entry "Vietnam Trade Union, 80 years - A historic journey", Second prize of the Trade Union of the Institute of ST&TNSV
Phung Thi Tuyet Hong
Department of Plant Resources

I have been at the Institute for nearly 30 years, and for 18 years the Institute has organized vacations for trade union members. Of course, some years I can go and some years I can't. And every vacation leaves me with many beautiful memories.
I remember the day I first returned to the Institute to work (1980), I was accepted to work in the Plant Resources Department. I was confused, but with the dedicated help of the brothers and sisters in the room, I integrated very quickly. It's been nearly 30 years now, 30 years working at the Institute with so many memories. And I would like to tell you a profound memory in my trade union activities.
Memories I will never forget. That was the Artisan Performance Festival commemorating "50 years of Dien Bien Phu victory in 2004". My institute participated in a number of performances, including a solo performance singing a song about an Illustrated Mother and I was the one playing the role of the mother. Practicing is hard because I'm neither a professional actor nor an amateur. Then when practicing with a large crowd watching, I felt embarrassed, and the music timing also made me confused. One time, the director said as if criticizing me: "You're not dead yet, Mom was worried about dying first." But unexpectedly, when I performed, I played the role of a mother sending her son off to the front very well. The scene where mother and child say goodbye to each other is sad, emotional, and then painful when they learn that their child died. The mother overcame the pain to live and work, and she is always proud that her child played a part. small contribution to the liberation of the country. After the performance, everyone at the Institute called me “Vietnamese Heroic Mother”. Honestly, hearing everyone call my name like that made me feel very emotional.
Memories of union activities will still be imprinted in my memory. I want the union to always promote its strengths... to be a reliable support, helping union members feel secure in their work, successfully completing all assigned tasks, contributing to building a civilized, rich and beautiful Vietnam. .
With the Institute's trade union, we also have great support from the Institute's Board of Directors. The union Executive Committee has organized vacations for union members (previously, they had to contribute part) and later it was fully paid. set. Vacations are often held after children finish their high school and university exams. Each break is 4-5 days. What is worth mentioning here is that the entire Newspaper Group eats collectively at a motel or hotel, the atmosphere is happy and warm like a big family. At every break, a representative of the Institute's Board of Directors accompanies them. If the break is not complete, they will also be present at the final party. After the party, there is a cultural exchange program between trade union members, children and grandchildren of trade union members and officials and employees, children of officials and employees at the union's resting place. There are many participating performances such as singing, storytelling, drawing, fashion... The show is staged very grandly, there is also a host, live music, judges, guests... The most exciting time is when The children performed: they sang, they danced hip hop, they drew pictures, they told stories with a very inspiring voice, they performed fashion shows very professionally... and there were also performances that they did for him. , grandmothers, aunts, and uncles laughed to tears. At the end of the performance, the jury will score, award prizes and give gifts. The vacation is over but the afterglow still lingers. The children told their parents that they hope to go on vacation with their Institute again next year.
After each vacation, union members in the Institute become closer to each other. I hope the union executive committee will promote and maintain it so that we can have useful vacations. From there, we motivate trade union members to work and contribute scientific achievements to the Institute and the country.
The trade union of the Institute of STTNSV has done trade union work well, such as: visiting the sick, welcoming guests, building the "Golden Heart" fund, donating to support storm and flood movements, repaying gratitude... And is also one of the A very few trade unions have organized a number of trips for union members to travel abroad.
The foreign trip I want to talk about is the Beijing - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Shanghai tour (8 days, 7 nights) organized in 2005 by the Institute's Trade Union and paid for by individuals. The trip to China left me with many memories. We climbed the Great Wall, visited the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, West Lake... everywhere we captured beautiful images. But the most fun was the group traveling by car from Hangzhou, Suzhou to Shanghai. Along the way, the whole group sang songs, including songs about the friendship between Vietnam and China. After that, some people sing cheo, others tell stories, sing solos, duets... and even read poetry. During that trip, two tour guides (one traveling with the group from Beijing, the other in Shanghai) celebrated the birthday of one of the group's sisters in the evening, in a small room of the hotel.

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