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The Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR) has conducted numerous projects at the national level. These include Program 562, the Central Highlands Program 2016-2020, the National Collection of Nature, the Environmental Protection Program, the Basic Exploration  Program; and 20 other projects annually funded by the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED).

Yearly, IEBR conducts approximately 20 projects at ministerial or provincial levels, mostly funded by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and 35 other small projects.   
IEBR has conducted many experimental models of animal breeding and plant farming for conservation purposes or as a scientific basis for economic development at the Me Linh Station for Biodiversity and some other localities. The Me Linh Station for Biodiversity hosts environmental education activities and promotes the protection of wild animals and plants.
As a CITES scientific authority of Vietnam, IEBR staff processes wildlife forensics work.  
In terms of publication accumulation, researchers of IEBR publish approximately 120 papers per year, including 100 SCIE articles. These figures not only confirm the scientific reputation of IEBR but also contribute to promoting the special value of biological resources in Vietnam. These new scientific discoveries attract interest in cooperation and investment in research programs related to biodiversity and nature conservation in our country. Between 2016 and 2020, the researchers of IEBR discovered five new genera and more than 370 new species.
The research results on animals, plant resources, parasites and nematodes are the foundation of the development of probiotics in agricultural production and medicine, and disease prevention for humans, animals, and crops.

Figure 1: A plant species with special bioactive compounds, Pavetta indica L., registered for WIPO patents in 2023 (Photo: Do V. Hai).

Figure 2: Several new species were described in 2023: Strobilanthes spathulatibracteata (Photos: Do V. Hai), Gracixalus truongi (Photo: Nguyen H. Nam), and Aporcella coffeae (Photos: Nguyen T. Anh Duong).

Figure 3: Conservation breeding program for threatened species (Stump-tailed Macaque and Vietnam Leaf Turtle) and environmental education activities at the Me Linh Station for Biodiversity (Photos Dang H. Phuong, Pham T. K. Dzung).

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